Building High Performing Remote Teams

Joylogics builds high performing teams of professional software engineers working from across the world. A small team can come online in weeks. Contact us today to discuss your projects.

Phone: 201 477 0016

Cloud-based Managed IT Service

If you are a small to medium business, the advent of cloud has radically changed the landscape of how you provision IT…

Back End

Microservices built with Java/Python/Ruby. Deployed in Kubernetes/Docker Swarm.

We offer backend implementations to…

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Free Consultation

We offer free consulting so we understand your business needs and identify the right technical approach. We never take on work just to fill our hours.

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Iterative Approach

Plans change. We follow an iterative approach - rapidly delivering functioning software so you can assess and change course as needed.

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Latest Technologies

We stay up to date with latest technologies so we can leverage what's out there instead of building it from scratch - saving you time and money.